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Re: Installing KDE2 from CD

I wouldn't trust any CD version of KDE Debian because it is bound to be
dated.  First, KDE2 itself is changing as it moves rapidly to the 2.0.1
bug-fixed release of 2.0.0.  Second, through Ivan's incredible labors, the
Debian packaging is being improved all the time as well.

So without web access you would be cooked, but I am assuming from now on you
do have access to the web. Make sure you are using the apt method for
dselect. If you are using woody=unstable, then the Debian packages for KDE2
are built right in.  But woody is still getting broken from time to time.
If you use potato=stable like most of us, then here is the recipe.

The other day Ivan gave the new line to put into /etc/apt/sources.list which
will allow you to obtain KDE2 for potato.  I will repeat it again here
because you may have missed it.

deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main qt1apps optional crypto

Ivan's notes on the various sections:
main = kde 2 + kde2 based apps 
qt1apps = qt1 based apps and kde 1.1.2
crypto = kdebase-crypto and kdelibs-crypto ... + libssl096  (pretty much it)
optional = updated packages (from woody) such as apache and any ssl based
         app (all compiled against libssl096).  Not necessary (or at least
	          shouldn't be..but not tested)

Note the potato packages are just settling down from a major change so
everything might not work right away (see recent messages to this list). For
this reason I haven't updated myself recently, but I probably will shortly
because there have been some positive reports about using the above line in


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On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Richard Hunt wrote:

> I have a CD from Linux Emporium (in the UK), which says
> it is taken from the kde ftp site. It has a Debian folder
> with packages for potato/i386 binary in
> /cdrom/Debian/dists/potato/i386-binary
> However I don't think that this is a proper path. Should
> there be a main/non-free/contrib in there somewhere?
> Also it doesn't have a Packages file. When I do
>     dpkg -i libqt-22_2 (something like that)
> it complains that it depends on libmng (Graphics?)
> However this is not in the folder. The libmng I can
> get from Debian ftp depends on a newer version of libc6
> is it ok to use this?  There is also a source folder
> which has source for a libmng package. Could I use this
> or does a package on the Debian CDs(1-3) provide it anyway?
> My main problem is getting dselect to find this directory.
> Is there a way I can do this manually? If not, is there an order
> that I should install the KDE packages manually?
> Thanks for any help (yes I am new to Debian. But I have
> been using Slackware for two and a half years so I do
> have quite good technical ability.)
> Richard Hunt

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