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Re: need help: libkssl - shlibs problem

> > what you have to do as a packager is make sure that since your app links
> > to libkssl that you add in a sugests for kdelibs3-crypto and
> > kdebase-crypto. (has to be a suggests as they are non-us).
> Hmmm, but I don't need libkssl, libkssl-nossl or libkssl-ssl to build my 
> package. I have installed kdelibs3-crypto and kdebase-crypto for konqueror 
> only. 
> It would be curious if I have to add in a suggests for kdelibs3-crypto and 
> kdebase-crypto when my package doesn't need them and it's not non-us.

well, for some reason it is linking to libkssl which means it either does
or is going to support ssl in some fashion or another...either that or the
someone hosed something.  

You don't have to put in the suggests...if you say it doesn't need ssl support
then don't put it in...apps will work fine with the dummy kssl files.


Ivan E. Moore II
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