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Re: need help: libkssl - shlibs problem

On Sunday 26 November 2000 20:28, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: unable to find dependency information for shared
> > library libkssl (soname 2, path /usr/lib/libkssl.so.2, dependency fields
> > Depends)
> >
> > What I am doing wrong?
> absolutely nothing.  libkssl are setup as alternatives because the real one
> links against libssl which would mean that kdelibs would have to go into
> non-us...sooo....but if libkssl is not there it causes problems...so I
> build the stock kdelibs package without ssl support (thus creating
> dummy libkssl files) and I provide libkssl as an alternative...I then
> create a kdelibs crypto package which only provides alternatives for
> libkssl that are linked against libssl thus allowing a user drop in
> SSL suppport.
> what you have to do as a packager is make sure that since your app links
> to libkssl that you add in a sugests for kdelibs3-crypto and
> kdebase-crypto. (has to be a suggests as they are non-us).

Hmmm, but I don't need libkssl, libkssl-nossl or libkssl-ssl to build my 
package. I have installed kdelibs3-crypto and kdebase-crypto for konqueror 
It would be curious if I have to add in a suggests for kdelibs3-crypto and 
kdebase-crypto when my package doesn't need them and it's not non-us.


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