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Re: kde2 assorted snags

   Hi Bart,

Hey, that i18n stuff was really wild. I didn't have a clue what it was
about when doing the selections for the kde2 upgrade. Is this a good

qt - that was a real fight. I really needed the latest qt and I just 
decided to force an install of it here. it was just weird timing I think,
as about 1-2 weeks later, qt was added to stable .. I wanted to dev a
specialty app for Ham Radio .. I finally did build it, but it runs pretty
stinko on kde2 and I reported the bugs back to kpsk dev team.

This is what I have with regards to qt:

ii  libqt1g        1.45-1.1       Shared Library used by applications linked w
rc  libqt1g-dev    1.45-1.1       Environment for QT GUI development.
ii  libqt2         2.0.2-1.1      Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
rc  libqt2-dev     2.0.2-1.1      Qt GUI library (development version).
ii  libqt2.2       2.2.2-0.potato Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
ii  libqt2.2-dev   2.2.2-0.potato Qt GUI development headers, static libraries
ii  qt1g-doc       1.45-1.1       Comprehensive docs (html), examples, and tut
ii  qt2.2-doc      2.2.2-0.potato Tutorial and reference documentation and 

would you recommend removing all the older qt's?


On Saturday 25 November 2000 05:35, Bart Oldeman wrote:
> > 2.  I decided on six desktops. each has a unique picture background. I
> > can start kde and toggle them all, they work right up until I start a
> > program. Now, if I start a program on desktop 6 and click on desktop 1,
> > I see desktop 6 background picture. How does one control this? I would
> > like this to stop crashing, or work like it's supposed to.
> I smelled something here: it's another consequence of the i18n patch
> to qt-2.2.2: with straight qt-2.2.2 this does not happen.
> Bart


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