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Qt compile options (-fno-exceptions?)

Hi everybody,

Sorry if my question is outdated or off-topic (or both), I'm not sure
where to ask this... 

A while ago I read a thread on dot.kde.org
(http://dot.kde.org/971098890/971103495/971105912/971161255), stating that
in order to obtain good performance with KDE2 one had to compile qt with
the option -fno-exception added to the CXXFLAGS. And then there was
someone stating that this would essentially disable error handling - maybe
not a good idea. Do KDE2 applications or libraries use exceptions?

I didn't find an answer to this on the various mailing lists and was
wondering how Ivan's Potato packages were built. If they are built without
-fno-exceptions, should I consider recompiling my own, given the "huge
performance boost" people were talking about? What do I risk?
The thread I cited is _old_ (before KDE2.0 final). Maybe all of this isn't
an issue anymore?

Anybody point me to a place where this has been discussed in more detail?

BTW, a big "Thank you!" to Ivan for his tremendous work!

Cheers, Jan

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