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Concurrent installation of kde1 and kde2

Dear Ivan,

I would like to ask for one thing, which AFAIK has not yet been mentioned
here: I would find it very nice if there were an option that the
installation of kde2 does not remove the installation of kde1.

I have tried the very first version of kde2 and while it was quite nice,
there was a number of small annoyances that made me going back to kde1
(slower startup time, it was impossible to turn-off the login and logout
sounds, no key shortcuts for switching between different international
keyboards, occassional crashes of various utilities, etc.)

I would very much like to play with it and to help by reporting bugs, but
for normal work I still prefare kde1 and I am afraid of wiping it from my 

Thanks and sorry for bothering you.



Jan Schier
tel. +32-16-321817

On leave from
Inst. of Information Theory & Automation
Prague, Czech Republic

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