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Re: Concurrent installation of kde1 and kde2

I'm sorry, but this won't happen.  At least not by me.  The #1 priority
for me in packaging KDE for Debian is to stick to policy (or as close as
possible)...with that there's no (easy) way to allow for both versions
to coexist.  (the libs can and do...the binaries are the problem)...

you can only have 1 /usr/bin/kdm for example.

You are more than welcome to download the source and modify the install
path to put KDE1 under /usr/local or /opt, but I won't do that with my

I understand your concerns.  Currently you can intermingle kde1 and kde2
to a certain degree...(there has to be some incompatabilities)

for example..you can run kmail from kde2 on kde1 (you would just not be
able to have kdenetwork from kde1 installed or you would have to force
the installation of kmail)

now...what I can and might do is break up the kde1 packages to somewhat match
what I've done for kde2 which would make it even easier to intermingle...


On Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 11:21:49AM +0100, Jan Schier wrote:
> Dear Ivan,
> I would like to ask for one thing, which AFAIK has not yet been mentioned
> here: I would find it very nice if there were an option that the
> installation of kde2 does not remove the installation of kde1.
> I have tried the very first version of kde2 and while it was quite nice,
> there was a number of small annoyances that made me going back to kde1
> (slower startup time, it was impossible to turn-off the login and logout
> sounds, no key shortcuts for switching between different international
> keyboards, occassional crashes of various utilities, etc.)
> I would very much like to play with it and to help by reporting bugs, but
> for normal work I still prefare kde1 and I am afraid of wiping it from my 
> computer.
> Thanks and sorry for bothering you.
> Regards,
> 	Jan
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> Jan Schier
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> Inst. of Information Theory & Automation
> Prague, Czech Republic
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