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new uploads and whatnot


ok..so I've got new stuff waiting to be uploaded for potato...including
a new kdebase and libs.  (oh..and a qt-designer)  I just ran out of time
and bandwidth today to do it..so hopefully it'll get uploaded sometime
tomorrow.  (Most likely end up just sitting in the incoming dir until
after thanksgiving tho...  (ftp://kde.tdyc.com/pub/kde/debian/dists/potato/kde2/incoming)

Also, this is where I sit with my plans for the next couple weeks.

Sometime in the next week (I forget the date and things can change) KDE 2.0.1
is going to get released...we are about 99% current with that version 
(except for the kde-i18n-* packages) so there won't be much change for
those of you who keep current with my packages...I'm about due to build 
new kde-i18n packages btw.....I was way off in my guestimation for 2.1...
the guestimation (as last I understood it) was a hopeful beta release mid to
late december (before christmas) for the sole purpose of mass exposuer and
bug finding so that they can have a stable release in january sometime...

Again...that's not firm, just based off of memory from discussions on the
kde-* mailing lists...  :)

so...for my part in all of this....

I now have

1 - potato i386 box 
1 - potato sparc box
1 - potato alpha box
1 - woody i386 box

and after I'm done with the potato builds the sparc will get updated again...

I am going to start from scratch and do clean builds (hopefully) of kde 1.1.2
and contrib apps that I feel like rebuilding. :)  

Then I'm going to move onto KDE 2.x and then contrib apps porting all woody
packages (that I know of) to potato along the way.

When I'm doing I'm going to have a new archive design.  The main reason for
this is to *break* everyone who do not follow this list or the web site. :)

  main              - kde 2.x core apps and *required* non-kde apps
  qt1apps           - contrib apps that require qt1
  optional          - optional packages such as crypto modules

*required* non-kde apps are those that I either had to package by hand or grab
updated versions from woody to fulfill build requirements...ie, these will be
non kde apps that are not found in potato (or are newer than what's in potato)

All apps built against QT 2.2.x will go into the "main" section as they 
are (or should be ) DFSG and also to match up with Debian main.

qt1apps will contain all packages that require QT1  (ie...pretty much what's
   in the current contrib and kde sections currently.

optional will be what has started out as "extra".  These will be things like
libssl096, the *-crypto* packages along with updated versions of ssh and
other stuff that some won't want by default.

sooo...I will give everyone a heads up before I make these changes (it will
be after I get the new kde1 packages rebuilt.  I have alot of work to do
on those packages so that those migrating in the future from KDE 1 to 
KDE 2 will have a nice upgrade...


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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