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Re: Not a bug per se

Hi Ivan,

> *If* there are upstream changelogs. For example..the Changelog for
> kdelibs was last touched (or the last entry is dated) 1999-02-11.
> there's no point in it being there if it's useless.
> kdenetwork's is even worse... 1998-12-05.
> > 	Maybe not too important but I am using knode for news, and
> > 	the changelog refers to kdenetwork, so... I really have no
> > 	idea of the status of the package itself.
> All I can say is that I have not see (hardly) any changelog entries
> (todo's, news, etc..) made in a LONG time. (years)...  It seems
> that this stuff is either being discussed across the mailing lists
> or via web pages somewhere.

You can generate your own ChangLog from CVS:
simply cd to kdenetwork/knode (or any other dir) and run
rcs2log -i 4 -R -h kde.org | fmt > myChangeLog
btw. knode has an uptodate ChangeLog

Stephan Voecks

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