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Re: combinded menu system...

On Saturday 18 November 2000 12:50, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Hi all...
> I've been working on the menu stuff this
> ...uhh..err...morning..woh...anyways... I've just fixed it so that any menu
> item that has a hints line = "KDE" won't end up in the Debian submenu in
> the KDE menu...(mouth full)...there's no need for the KDE apps to be in
> both the main KDE menu and the Debian submenu. This requires all KDE apps
> to add a hints="KDE" into their menu files...all the core KDE apps already
> have this.
> so..in doing all this I started thinking of how to integrate that Debian
> sub menu into the main KDE one...I'm almost positive I can do the
> integration in just using the Debian menu system...the only problem I see
> which I have yet to come up with a clean solution for is the removal of
> those menu items upon removal of the app...

Personally I don't like the idea to integrate them.  My favorite would
be to integrate the "equivalent" non-kde-apps.desktop files of kappfinder
'cause those desktop files contain much more data than the menu entries:

	o much more locatilications
	o mime type infos (without desktop files much less useable)
	o icons fits better (e.g., several sizes, standard kde colors)

These desktop files can also be tuned for KDE, e.g.,  starting xmms
with arts plugin by defaults, ...

This does not solve the problem of removal of desktop files upon removal
of the app...  
> Maybe if I keep a list of the files somewhere and then I can purge them all
> during a update-menus (in the same sense that it is done now)...
> anyone have any better ideas???

Maybe kappfinder_install could be hacked to sync


Just my two cents,
> Ivan

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