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Re: KDE 2 installation experience

if you define USE_LOGIN, kwrited will use login/logout to update utmp
from TEPty.C:

#ifdef USE_LOGIN
        #include <errno.h>
        #include <utmp.h>
#elif defined(USE_LOGIN)
  char *tty_name=ttyname(0);
  if (tty_name)
#ifdef USE_LOGIN

should be cool?

Laurent Perrin

> > o kwrited
> >
> > kwrited from console does not update utmp (needs libtempter (sp?)
> > from Redhat).  Therefore a 'write' does not work.  IMHO there
> > are two better alternatives :)
> >
> > o add libtempter
> > or
> > o remove kwrited from startkde.  Saves two (useless)
> >   processes to start up: kwrited and cat
> the later...  I was going to add libtempter but was veto'd by other Debian
> developers including the project leader. :)
> someone needs to actually hack up konsole to properly deal with the utmp
> stuff...  I am not a c++ guy and am not sure where to even start...

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