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Re: KDE 2 installation experience

I wanted to update the status of this report by Achim...

> o /etc/kde and /etc/kde2
> 	Because config files are stored now in /etc/kde2 I've got
> 	quite so unused config files below /etc/kde.   Try a
> 		dpkg -S /etc/kde/*
>         Maybe one could add a preinstall rule like
> 		if test ! -e /etc/kde2/$conffile && test -e /etc/kde/$conffile
> 		then
> 		    mv /etc/kde/$configfile /etc/kde2/
> 		fi
> 	if it's easy to get a list of /etc/kde config file of a package.

I haven't done a thing with this... It needs to be done with each package...

> o artswrapper
> 	artswrapper of kdelibs should be setuid root.


> o kwrited
> 	kwrited from console does not update utmp (needs libtempter (sp?)
> 	from Redhat).  Therefore a 'write' does not work.  IMHO there
> 	are two better alternatives :)
> 		o add libtempter
> 	or
> 		o remove kwrited from startkde.  Saves two (useless)
> 		  processes to start up: kwrited and cat

the later...  I was going to add libtempter but was veto'd by other Debian
developers including the project leader. :)

someone needs to actually hack up konsole to properly deal with the utmp 
stuff...  I am not a c++ guy and am not sure where to even start...

> o kdmrc
> 	/etc/kde2/kdmrc should include
> 		alias, telnetd, rwhod, gdm, qmailq, qmaild, qmailp, qmails
> 		qmailr, qmaill
> 	in it's list of user that should not be listed in login window


> o Xservers
> 	/etc/X11/kdm/Xservers should at least mention in the example the
> 		-nolisten tcp
> 	option.

well...I just added this (if I got it right)

> o reportbug
> 	reportbug knows about --bts tdyc|kde-debian  and appends
> 	a -debian to the Package: pseudo header.  Bit out of date :)
> 	Ivan care to submit a bug report?

*just* submitted a bug against the pacakge...

Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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