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Re: OpenJDK for Bookworm and beyond

Le 11/11/2022 à 01:46, Thorsten Glaser a écrit :

3. openjdk-11-jre-headless was used in bullseye (most people I know
do this to avoid the needless metapackage), the user will end up with
both because the Provides on java-runtime-headless in bullseye was
unversioned but maybe they don’t (worse if the package is backported).

Not installing default-jre isn't really a good idea, because once the system is upgraded to bookworm, openjdk-11-jre will not be updated anymore and a manual update to openjdk-17-jre will be necessary at some point.

That said, by the time bookworm is released openjdk-11 is likely to be updated in bullseye, and the update will provide the java-runtime (= 11) dependency. This is somewhat similar to the case 2.

It’s worse for sid users, especially for rare cases.

Why worse? sid users will be the first to receive the updated openjdk package with the versioned java-runtime dependency.

Emmanuel Bourg

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