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Re: OpenJDK for Bookworm and beyond

Le 10/11/2022 à 22:15, Thorsten Glaser a écrit :

The application defines

	default-jre (>= 2:1.11) | java-runtime (>= 11)

but openjdk-11-jre does not yet Provides java-runtime,
only java11-runtime. This will force the user to 17.

But openjdk-17-jre also provides java11-runtime. So even with:

    default-jre (>= 2:1.11) | java11-runtime

there is no guarantee Java 11 will be used.

If you want Java 11 only, you'll be able to depend on:

    openjdk-11-jre | java-runtime (= 11)

Emmanuel Bourg

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