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Re: maven-*-helper JAR placement seems to contradict Java policy

Hi Markus,

On 2021-10-15 14:34, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Indeed, that looks like a bug in libcommons-lang3-java or rather maven-debian-
> helper to me. I have just checked some other Maven packages and there the
> policy is implemented correctly. The bug in libcommons-lang3-java could be
> related to the relocation feature in the poms file but I haven't looked closer
> yet. 

Thanks for giving it a look. However, it think that maven-debian-helper
should not be placing files against the policy by default. I usually use
mh_make for initial packaging, and now I see that most of my packages
are violating MUST of a policy because of that.

I took a quick look at my /usr/share/java, and these seems to be quite
some packages with versionless JARs and versioned symbolic links [1],
just to name a few (out of 125):


Not sure though what is the impact of this policy inversion. Most of
Java-related software seems to read both regular files and symbolic
links transparently.

[1] $ comm -1 -2 <(find /usr/share/java/ -type l | grep -P
'[-][\.0-9]+\.jar$' | xargs -n1 dpkg -S | cut -d : -f 1 | sort) <(find
/usr/share/java/ -type f | grep -P '[-][^\.0-9]+\.jar$' | xargs -n1 dpkg
-S | cut -d : -f 1 | sort) | uniq


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