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Re: maven-*-helper JAR placement seems to contradict Java policy


Am Freitag, dem 15.10.2021 um 12:41 +0300 schrieb Andrius Merkys:
> Hello,
> Java policy on Java libraries (Ch. 2.4.) reads [1]:
>     Their classes must be in jar archive(s) in the directory /usr/
>     share/java, with the name packagename[-extraname]
>     -fullversion.jar. The extraname is optional and used internally
>     within the package to separate the different jars provided by the
>     package. The fullversion is the version of that jar file. In some
>     cases that is not the same as the package version.
>     Some package must also provide a symbolic link from
>     packagename-extraname.jar to the most compatible version of the
>     available packagename-extraname-version.jar files.
> However, it seems that packages built with maven-{debian,repo}-helper
> default settings contain the opposite: JAR archives are named
> packagename-extraname.jar, and packagename-extraname-version.jar are
> symbolic links to packagename-extraname.jar. For example see
> libcommons-lang3-java.
> This looks like a contradiction to me. Or am I just misreading the policy?
> [1] /usr/share/doc/java-policy/debian-java-policy.txt.gz, java-policy 0.57

Indeed, that looks like a bug in libcommons-lang3-java or rather maven-debian-
helper to me. I have just checked some other Maven packages and there the
policy is implemented correctly. The bug in libcommons-lang3-java could be
related to the relocation feature in the poms file but I haven't looked closer



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