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maven-*-helper JAR placement seems to contradict Java policy


Java policy on Java libraries (Ch. 2.4.) reads [1]:

    Their classes must be in jar archive(s) in the directory /usr/
    share/java, with the name packagename[-extraname]
    -fullversion.jar. The extraname is optional and used internally
    within the package to separate the different jars provided by the
    package. The fullversion is the version of that jar file. In some
    cases that is not the same as the package version.

    Some package must also provide a symbolic link from
    packagename-extraname.jar to the most compatible version of the
    available packagename-extraname-version.jar files.

However, it seems that packages built with maven-{debian,repo}-helper
default settings contain the opposite: JAR archives are named
packagename-extraname.jar, and packagename-extraname-version.jar are
symbolic links to packagename-extraname.jar. For example see

This looks like a contradiction to me. Or am I just misreading the policy?

[1] /usr/share/doc/java-policy/debian-java-policy.txt.gz, java-policy 0.57


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