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Hey Guido,

I think you are missing the key point here: "We don't have the resources
to maintain more than one version".  So if you think it is important,
you should find the resources to make it happen.  That's how Debian works.


Guido Medina:
> So, let me get this, you have removed OpenJDK 8 support because in 4
> years it won't be supported? are you serious? this was a terrible
> decision.
> I know of companies with servers in production that today are using
> Java 8 and it will be so for at least 3 to 4 years, having it back in
> backports is not good enough.
> The damage been done to Debian by not supporting this is bigger than
> you can imagine.
> Quoting original thread:
> Hi Thomas,
> Our policy is to support only one version of OpenJDK per Debian release.
> We don't have the resources to maintain more than one version during the
> whole lifetime of a release. Buster will be supported until 2024 and Red
> Hat has vowed to maintain OpenJDK 8 until 2023. That would leave OpenJDK
> 8 in Buster without security fixes for one year.
> If you aren't ready to migrate to OpenJDK 11 yet I suggest sticking with
> Stretch for the next 3 years. Alternatively, we may provide OpenJDK 8
> for Buster in the backports repository, but we can't guarantee it'll be
> actively maintained.
> Emmanuel Bourg
> Le 09/04/2019 à 16:18, Thomas L a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> It seems that openjdk-8 has been removed from Buster a few days ago. Why?? openjdk-11 is not a drop-in replacement for openjdk-8, lots of people (including me) will NEED openjdk-8 in Buster!
>> Regards,
>> Thomas

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