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So, let me get this, you have removed OpenJDK 8 support because in 4 years it won't be supported? are you serious? this was a terrible decision.
I know of companies with servers in production that today are using Java 8 and it will be so for at least 3 to 4 years, having it back in backports is not good enough.
The damage been done to Debian by not supporting this is bigger than you can imagine.

Quoting original thread:
Hi Thomas,

Our policy is to support only one version of OpenJDK per Debian release.
We don't have the resources to maintain more than one version during the
whole lifetime of a release. Buster will be supported until 2024 and Red
Hat has vowed to maintain OpenJDK 8 until 2023. That would leave OpenJDK
8 in Buster without security fixes for one year.

If you aren't ready to migrate to OpenJDK 11 yet I suggest sticking with
Stretch for the next 3 years. Alternatively, we may provide OpenJDK 8
for Buster in the backports repository, but we can't guarantee it'll be
actively maintained.

Emmanuel Bourg

Le 09/04/2019 à 16:18, Thomas L a écrit :
> Hi all,
> It seems that openjdk-8 has been removed from Buster a few days ago. Why?? openjdk-11 is not a drop-in replacement for openjdk-8, lots of people (including me) will NEED openjdk-8 in Buster!
> Regards,
> Thomas

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