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Re: sbt / scala and jdk 6 and 8

On 12.02.2019 22:56, Markus Koschany wrote:

Am 12.02.19 um 22:45 schrieb Thomas Finneid:
Is there a jdk6 version available in Debian? I think I have read
something about removing jdk-8 from debian, is that correct?

Also, if I understand the Debian/Java Policy correctly, all jvm-based
packages must depend on default-jre/jdk, which at the moment is
openJdk-11. Is it not possible to specify a lower version for some

We still have OpenJDK 8 in Debian but OpenJDK 11 is our primary JDK/JRE
in Debian 10 "Buster". So for now you can still use OpenJDK 8 to build
software but expect that it will be removed from Debian within the next
months. We don't support older JDKs because they don't receive security
support anymore. Ideally the software can be built with OpenJDK 11. Of
course you can build for another -release target. Java 7 is the oldest
version supported with OpenJDK 11.

Is Scala and Sbt the only software that haven't migrated away from jdk-8? considering how much time and money the entire world has invested in jdk-8, I think its a bit early to remove it.

(At work, 70 developers have spent the last half a year migrating our jdk 8 codebase to upgrade Spring, hibernate etc, so that we can migrate to java 11. We still havent started the first step (out of 4 steps) of java 11 migration. I expect that it will be autumn before we actually see any jdk-11 development. (We have about than 250 systems to migrate and half of the codebase is shared in business libraries))

(From what I can see reagrding security updates in jdk, I seem to remember that its mostly in the security based classes, such as certificates and secure classloading, TLS and crypto stuff the bugfixes comes from)





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