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Re: New version has switched build system to Maven - any hint how to resolve dependencies?

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 11:59:04AM +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> > which are less issues but the according JARs are definitely inside Debian:
> > 
> >     com.ibatis:ibatis:jar:debian -> libibatis-java
> >     com.sshtools:j2ssh-core:jar:debian -> libj2ssh-java
> >     org.emboss:jemboss:jar:debian -> jemboss
> >     org.biojava:biojava:jar:debian -> libbiojava-java
> >     com.github.broadinstitute:picard:jar:debian -> picard-tools
> last 2 are build respectivly with ant and gradle, not maven, reason why they do not expose any maven stuff. Nothing done by build-system.
> But indeed we can manually (debian side) add some maven stuff to make it maven compliant.
> We need to add some pom related files and copy files to usr/share/maven.... directories. Don't know what maven-helper can do to help us with this.
> I think I will need to read maven-helper doc to see what can be done.

That would be a nice long term solution.
Any hint how we can get artemis out right now?

Kind regards



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