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Re: New version has switched build system to Maven - any hint how to resolve dependencies?

Le 28/01/2019 à 20:19, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> While maven.ignoreRules solution did not worked I just quilt-patched
> jacoco out of pom.xml and solved some other issues.  Unfortunately
> I'm stumbling again now:

No no no it has to work, otherwise you'll run into many other issues...

> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project artemis: Could not resolve dependencies for project uk.ac.sanger:artemis:jar:18.0.1: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-codec:jar:1.9.1, org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-dom:jar:1.9.1, org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-ext:jar:1.9.1, org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-svggen:jar:1.9.1, org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-util:jar:1.9.1, com.ibatis:ibatis:jar:, cglib:cglib-nodep:jar:2.2, com.sshtools:j2ssh-core:jar:0.2.9, org.emboss:jemboss:jar:1.0, org.biojava:biojava:jar:1.6, com.github.broadinstitute:picard:jar:2.18.14, org.evosuite:evosuite-standalone-runtime:jar:1.0.6, org.mockito:mockito-core:jar:2.23.0: Cannot access central (https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2) in offline mode and the artifact org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-codec:jar:1.9.1 has not been downloaded from it before. -> [Help 1]

...like this one :)

> I think I need to care for the batik-* which all come with libbatik-java
> in some specific way.  There are also other jars where maven claims they
> are missing but the are actually not.  Any further hints?

The pom file wasn't processed by maven-debian-helper for some reason
(and no substitution rule was applied), I guess it isn't declared in
debian/*.poms (or in the wrong file).

Emmanuel Bourg

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