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Re: Buster soft freeze question


Am 30.01.19 um 20:55 schrieb Felix Natter:
> hi Debian-java,
> I would like to get freeplane-1.7.5-1 into buster, because it contains
> important fixes. Unfortunately, upstream is still fixing regressions.
> For stretch, a soft freeze is described as:
> "no new packages, no re-entry, normal migrations" [1]
> I think that means that I can get freeplane-1.7.5-1 into buster until
> beginning of March (by full freeze)?
> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianStretch
> Many Thanks and Best Regards,

The important part for our soft freeze is:

"Starting 2019-02-12, only small, targeted fixes are appropriate for
buster. We want maintainers to focus on small, targeted fixes. This is
mainly, at the maintainers discretion, there will be no hard rule that
will be enforced."

So ideally we try to avoid packaging new upstream releases and make only
small bug fixes with patches. However it is "at the maintainers
discretion". I think freeplane is a leaf package and the risk of
breaking something unrelated is zero in this case. If you are sure, the
new release will be usable and introduce no major regressions, you
should be fine.

"No new packages, no re-entry, normal migrations" means that every
package that is not in testing on 2019-02-12 will not be released in
Buster, e.g. triplea.



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