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Re: Moving Eclipse forward

Le 05/07/2018 à 23:46, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> With all this I'm now able to build aspectj/1.8.10 without depending on
> the eclipse-platform package.

With the new eclipse packages and some tinkering I've been able to build
AspectJ 1.9.1 with OpenJDK 10. The upgrade path wasn't obvious, the
versions 1.9.0 can't be bootstrapped with the version 1.8.x. I had to
build the version 1.9.0~beta5 with OpenJDK 8 and a patch fixing the path
to jrt-fs.jar, and then build the version 1.9.1 with OpenJDK 10. I've
pushed the packaging of the version 1.9.0~beta5 to Salsa. I'll upload
the new version when the eclipse packages are available in sid.

Emmanuel Bourg

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