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Re: Moving Eclipse forward

Quick update on this front:

* I've polished the Ant script and wrote a debhelper buildsystem to
further simplify the packaging. The result has been uploaded as a new
eclipse-debian-helper package. See the README on Salsa for more
information [1].

* equinox-bundles [2] is the first package using eclipse-debian-helper
and has just been uploaded. I've expanded the number of bundles built
from 4 to 15 (and 7 more will be added after the upload of
eclipse-platform-runtime). This is beyond the scope of the bundles
required by aspectj, but I hope it'll be useful to build other Eclipse
related projects (Tycho to begin with, and I'd like to package the
Eclipse Memory Analyzer some day).

* The other Eclipse projects will follow soon (eclipse-platform-runtime,
eclipse-platform-resources, eclipse-platform-text, eclipse-platform-ui,
equinox-framework, equinox-p2).

Emmanuel Bourg

[2] https://salsa.debian.org/java-team/equinox-bundles

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