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Re: Moving Eclipse forward

Le 06/07/2018 à 07:15, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> Good work! It would have been nice though, if you had sent a short
> notice to #681726 to avoid double work because I said I would work on
> aspectj. I started to bundle the needed eclipse source code with aspectj
> but I agree that working solutions are better than mere theory.

Sorry I overlooked your last message in #681726. I was merely
experimenting when I started and I wasn't sure it would work. There was
nothing newsworthy until now. I got lucky to pull the right thread to
enter into the mess of the Eclipse dependencies.

I did notice your comment in #893312 regarding lombok though, maybe
eclipse-jdt-core should get the same treatment. The ecj package is
tailored for the needs of Tomcat, I suggest ignoring it for now.

> Your approach also looks cleaner although I believe maintaining
> individual Ant build.xml files is probably quite time consuming.

The Ant script is rather simple, I defined a macro building a single
bundle and I then call it sequentially for each bundle. I'll probably
move the common part of the script to javahelper to avoid the
duplication between the packages.

> Looks all sensible to me.

Ok let's do this. I'm still not set on prefixing the equinox packages
with "eclipse" or not though.

Emmanuel Bourg

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