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Re: dpkg-buildpackage mvn command tries to use /root/.m2/repository

>>>>> Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org>:

> Ok, I suggest reading the excellent article from Markus about mh_make,
> the Vincent's tutorial is a good introduction but it isn't really suited
> to Java based projects.

> https://gambaru.de/blog/2017/08/02/pdfsam-how-to-upgrade-a-maven-application-for-debian/

Thanks for the pointer. I'm reading it now.

> The rules file you posted disables the build target, there is no chance
> it could work.

Ah, OK.

I will study more closesly what I actually have done in the script,
instead of just pasting in stuff from howtos (I will try both this track
and the mh_make track to see what seems like way that most probably will
take me to a deb-installed running karaf).

>> There are 34 org.apache.karaf.*.jar files built from the karaf sources,
>> and creating individual .deb packages for all of them seems like a lot of work.

> You don't have to do that. Just put all the karaf jar files in a
> libkaraf-java package, and put the other files required to run the
> server in a karaf package. You can start with the karaf source package
> building only two binary packages (karaf and libkaraf-java, the former
> depending on the later).

> I recommend looking at the jetty9 package for an example. That's the
> package closest to the structure of karaf (multi module Maven project
> building a daemon, with no systemd unit file yet though).

Ok, I will study what the jetty9 package does.

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