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Re: dpkg-buildpackage mvn command tries to use /root/.m2/repository

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

> I can try running mh_make, but as this is a multi-module project with
> lots of non-standard maven stuff, most of the examples I've been able to
> google up hasn't.

I tried running mh_make, told it to
 - Use "karaf" for the source package name
 - Use "karaf" for the binary package name
 - Not run tests
 - Not build javadoc
 - Keep the distro version (ie. in this case 4.1.4)
 - Build all modules

Then I stepped through all of the modules (quite a few, lost count),
telling them to 
[2] - Keep the version
until mh_make eventually failed with the following error message:
 Checking the parent dependency in the sub project itests/pom.xml
 Analysing manual/pom.xml...
 Jan 20, 2018 11:12:01 AM org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver resolveDependencies
 SEVERE: Error while resolving ./manual/pom.xml: Dependency not found org.apache.karaf:karaf:pom:4.1.3-SNAPSHOT
 Jan 20, 2018 11:12:01 AM org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver resolveDependencies
 org.debian.maven.repo.DependencyNotFoundException: Dependency not found org.apache.karaf:karaf:pom:4.1.3-SNAPSHOT
	at org.debian.maven.repo.Repository.registerPom(Repository.java:414)
	at org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver.resolveDependencies(DependenciesSolver.java:321)
	at org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver.resolveDependencies(DependenciesSolver.java:421)
	at org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver.solveDependencies(DependenciesSolver.java:261)
	at org.debian.maven.packager.DependenciesSolver.main(DependenciesSolver.java:962)

(hm... that actually looks like an issue with the karaf release: some
modules haven't haved their parent version bumbed as part of the
release.  Perhaps mh_make scans modules not part of the <modules> of the

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