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Re: Is it possible to have multiple versions of a java-lib installed?

Le 17/01/2018 à 22:44, Steinar Bang a écrit :

> Would be legal for a karaf debian package to bundle its own version of
> these jars?

It's fine as long as they are built from source (i.e. no prebuilt jar
files in the source package), but you should really try to package them
separately or use the existing dependencies first (jansi 1.16 is already
in Debian, and the version 4.5.1 of jna currently packaged isn't that
different from the version 4.5.0 used by karaf).

It's really rare to bundle dependencies in source form within a package.
For example JOSM bundles snapshots of other libraries with extra
modifications. Using the packaged versions of these dependencies
wouldn't work. Another example is the jetty9 package which embeds the
one class ALPN API. In this case creating a package containing only one
class used by only one package wouldn't make sense.

Emmanuel Bourg

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