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Re: Is it possible to have multiple versions of a java-lib installed?

Hi Steinar,

> Le 16/01/2018 à 18:32, Steinar Bang a écrit :
> > Is it possible to have multiple versions of a java library, like eg.
> >  https://packages.debian.org/stretch/libjna-java
> > installed simultanously?

> Yes this is possible for some exceptional cases by cloning the source

let’s just make it clear that those cases are *exceptional*, and not
the default as is often done in the “wild outside” Java™ world where
that’s the knee-jerk reaction to…

> Do you have a compatibility issue with libjna-java?

… those.

It’s much preferrable to have only one, or (in general) as few as
possible versions of a library in the archive so every user gets
all the (security, but also other) fixes of new uploads (either a
new upstream version or possibly just a Debian change).

So if at all possible if there’s a problem with the version in
Debian, either the program or the library in Debian should be
patched to work well with each other (heck, or possibly both),
while not breaking other users of the library.

Yes, this is more work at first, but it pays off when there is
an urgent fix to get out.

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