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Re: Eclipse 4.x and Tycho

Am 17.12.2017 um 22:22 schrieb luca:
> Hello,
> I see there has been some activity in the pkg-java/tycho repository in
> the last months. What is the status of the works? Can I help in some way?
> I have tried to sbuild the repository, however build fails due to a
> circular dependency.
> Luca

Hello Luca,

At the moment we just try to keep tycho in testing. All recent activity
was related to fixing release critical bugs. Packaging new upstream
releases of tycho is also an important job. We gladly accept any help
with these regular tasks.

Currently I'm looking into creating a standalone eclipse-rcp and/or
eclipse-jdt package which would help the GNOME maintainers to complete
the removal of several obsolete GNOME libraries. The Eclipse IDE cannot
be removed from testing because the aforementioned components are
required for other Java key packages. It would be good if we could
decouple the IDE from those libraries.



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