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Re: How to install openjdk-7-jre-headless on Stretch

Le 14/12/2017 à 19:15, Thorsten Glaser a écrit :

> you’re writing from an @apache.org address, so I’m assuming you’re
> affiliated with the ASF.

I'm just a casual contributor to some Apache projects, not an open
source guru. Maybe you confused the ASF with the FSF?

> Furthermore, you’re a Debian Developer¹.

I'm honored that you eventually noticed I was a DD after hundreds of
uploads and contributions here since 2013 ;)

> How can you, in full conscience, suggest something like this, to a
> fellow Debian Developer, on a Debian mailing list?

I made this suggestion because:
- I happen to maintain java-package
- The Oracle JRE consists in 99% of open source code.
- This alternative is possible from a technical point of view. I'm not
to judge its morality, Andreas can decide himself if it suits his ethic
and needs.
- As far as I know mentioning contrib/non-free packages on the Debian
mailing lists isn't forbidden.

Note that I'm not arguing against rebuilding Doko's openjdk package,
which is indeed remarkable for its portability. But maybe Andreas needs
a quick solution and prefers avoiding the long compilation time of OpenJDK.

> No ad-hominem intended

You are just stating I'm a bad DD that should go back to school, I've
seen better praises ;)

Emmanuel Bourg

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