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Re: How to install openjdk-7-jre-headless on Stretch

Hello Andreas,

> > What is the best way to deal with this under stretch?
> > My first idea was a forwardport of openjdk-7.  Is this a sensible
> > approach?

yes, this is a sensible approach. Doko’s packages build for a lot
of Debian and Debian-derivate-that-must-not-be-named releases, and
I’ve personally done a lot of back‑ and forwardports of them for
my workplace, so this should go without a hitch. He’s also mostly
receptive for patches fixing build issues on various releases.

Hello Emmanuel,

> Hi Andreas, you may also install the Oracle JRE with java-package.

you’re writing from an @apache.org address, so I’m assuming you’re
affiliated with the ASF. Furthermore, you’re a Debian Developer¹.

How can you, in full conscience, suggest something like this, to a
fellow Debian Developer, on a Debian mailing list? I mean, really?
That’s nōn-free and, in this case, useless, and additionally un‐
supported software at *best*, sabotage worse. (Admittedly, forward‐
porting would also need regular updates, but Doko provides those,
and one can subscribe to be notified upon new package uploads, and
I believe they’re prototyped in experimental first, which makes them
very easy to quickly grab.)

No ad-hominem intended, but I’m wondering whether DDs should take
a periodical requalification for the P&P part of NM if things like
this are being suggested. (With some packages I’ve seen, not from
you though, I’ve been wondering whether T&S refreshers are also
necessary, looking at lintian warnings alone is often enough to
make one shudder, and my DM mentee is cursing DDs often enough,
justifiedly, when he’s updating their packages.)

① lookup login:ebourg on https://db.debian.org/

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