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Re: JDK 10 Early Access b33 and JDK 8u162 Early Access b03 are available on jdk.java.net

Le 29/11/2017 à 14:32, dalibor topic a écrit :

> Does java-package work for JDK 10 EA builds?

Not yet but it definitely will.

> An alternative to javah has been available with the -h flag for javac since JDK 8

Great, so we can start the transition now. It might be nice to add some
examples of the javac -h syntax in the javah documentation to ease the

> It might be removed in JDK 10 (2018). If you have a good sense
> how much affected Debian would be by this change, that would be great
> feedback to share on the thread at
> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/jdk-dev/2017-November/000278.html .

If Chris still has the logs of its latest mass rebuild I think we could
easily identify the affected packaged by grepping the message "Warning:
The javah tool is planned to be removed".

If there is no hurry to remove javah I suggest waiting until JDK 12 to
do so, this would increase our chances to include JDK 11 in the next
Debian release.

> A jdeprscan -for-removal run might be a useful check to consider adding
> to lintian, for example.

Good idea, I don't know if Lintian can optionally depend on the JRE though.

Emmanuel Bourg

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