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Re: Help needed: gradle + testng

Am 28.11.2017 um 00:07 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> On 11/26/2017 09:23 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> Yesterday I have uploaded Gradle 3.4.1 to experimental. I have rebuilt
>> almost all reverse-dependencies of gradle/gradle-debian-helper by now
>> and so far it looks quite good with two notable regressions: mockito and bnd
> Well done! Thanks a lot for this update.
>> bnd:
>> ====
>> Error  : Unexpected ProjectBuilder init,  error
>> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A Jar can only accept a valid file
>> or directory: /build/bnd-2.4.1/biz.aQute.bnd.annotation/bin,
> Does it also fail when building bnd directly with gradle, without
> debuild/dpkg-buildpackage? I suggest also trying with the latest bnd
> release fetched from the upstream repository. If the issue was solved
> upstream we could update bnd before uploading gradle to unstable (or
> backport the fix).

It doesn't build for me with pure gradle either. The latest version
works when I skip the tests but I don't know how comparable that is
because the upstream version comes with tons of prebuilt jar files and
happily downloads even more from the internet. One update of bnd per
release cycle would definitely be nice but I flinch from doing it at the
moment because I can still recall the 30+ reverse-dependency updates
when I did the 1.5 -> 2.1 transition and there are other tasks which I
want to do first.

>> mockito
>> =======
>> Cannot locate JAR for module 'junit' in distribution directory
>> '/usr/share/gradle'.
> Maybe it's looking for junit.jar and /usr/share/java only contains
> junit4.jar?

I have fixed this issue by updating gradle's use-local-artifacts.patch.
Instead of looking for the junit module it now checks for junit4. I'm
not sure why this was working with the previous version though. I also
had to add testng as a new build-dependency for mockito and changing the
maven rules was also required but now it works. This problem appears to
be solved.

> Emmanuel Bourg



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