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Re: New gradle versions?

Le 20/11/2017 à 23:05, Andreas Schildbach a écrit :

> Maybe updating to 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5 first would be an easier step?

Markus is currently working on upgrading Gradle to the version 3.4.1.

> My last take at Debian packaging is already 10 years old and rusty (I
> did the first Spring Framework packages). At the very least I can do
> testing.

Debian packaging is probably easier nowadays thanks to the various tools
we now use (maven-debian-helper, gradle-debian-helper, Git, automated
builds, etc), but in 10 years the number of Java packages maintained has
increased by a factor of 5.

Thanks a lot for reporting the outcome of your tests. If ever you have
some free time and are tempted to dive back into the Debian packaging
there is the Spring Framework 5 upgrade that needs some manpower :)

Emmanuel Bourg

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