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Re: New gradle versions?

Hi Andreas,

Le 20/11/2017 à 18:45, Andreas Schildbach a écrit :
> I wonder is there a specific reason Gradle is stuck at version 3.2.1 in
> Debian? These days, many projects require version 4.1 or later (due to
> the Android build chain having this requirement).

Gradle 3.2.1 was released just one year ago, it isn't that old. Gradle
upgrades are usually difficult to deal with due to a mix of backward
incompatible changes, integration issues with other Debian libraries and
puzzling build errors. We are just a handful of volunteers watching over
~1000 Java packages, some help would be welcome.

> Also, on Ubuntu since a approx. a year Gradle doesn't even start when
> installed via apt:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnative-platform-java/+bug/1683761

Well, that's the issue with Ubuntu cutting its releases in the middle of
the Debian development cycles, sometimes they pick inconsistent sets of
Java packages.

Emmanuel Bourg

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