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Re: freehep-graphics2d FTBFSs probably because of new maven libraries

Le 25/09/2017 à 22:07, Giovanni Mascellani a écrit :

> I personally have no idea on how to debug this, and tend to think that
> it is a bug in some maven library. Can anybody give good advice?

Hi Giovanni,

This is an issue with libfreehep-chartableconverter-plugin-java. I tried
rebuilding the plugin without its two patches (the first one adds
plexus-utils to the dependencies, but it's already provided by Maven.
And the second patch adds the Class-Path attribute to the manifest, but
this is useless for a Maven plugin) and I was then able to build
freehep-graphics2d properly.

I'm not sure to understand how the recent changes the Maven triggered
this issue, but it looks like another example of how things can go wrong
by adding a Class-Path attribute to all jar files.

Emmanuel Bourg

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