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Re: openjdk-9: FYI: Swing generics changes

On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 08:29:07PM +0200, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Would you be willing to file bug reports for all Java 9 issues
> identified by you? I suggest to use severity normal for now, we can
> always raise the severity later. I believe this would be helpful to
> start working on some of the problems.

I raised 31 (~10% of the total) representative bugs, trying to get good
coverage on the type of issues:


These four are probably the most important:

#873247 [src:xmlstreambuffer] FTBFS with Java 9: javax.activation has gone
#873249 [src:uimaj] FTBFS with Java 9: javadoc classpath with maven?
#873250 [src:xml-commons-external] FTBFS with Java 9: overrides core packages
#873252 [javatools] Can't opendir($fh, '.../debian/...-doc/usr/share/doc/libpirl-java/

The Swing ones this email was originally about are labelled as "Terrible Swing".

> > In happier news, an AWS i3.8xlarge (32 cores, 244GB RAM, NVMe) can build
> > nearly every default-jdk dependency (~1260 packages) in two hours; for <$3 on
> > the spot market.
> I have always wondered how I or some random fellow could setup a build
> environment like that and rebuild all Java packages on a regular basis.
> Could you create a wiki page for that and add a few pointers and guide
> lines to it? I believe this would be very helpful for others in the future.

I've been using a ~20 line Makefile and a couple of Dockerfiles. Not
very Debian-y, but I never got along with sbuild/pbuilder or any of
those things. Big advantages here are:

 * no leaked processes, ever
 * really quick to jump back into a failed build to see what's going on
 * cheap setup; very easy to get an base image with a patched jdk installed

Big advantage of renting a huge machine and running everything on there
is that you can get away with doing a lot of things by hand.

The code has always been here: https://github.com/FauxFaux/debjdk9
I've added some more descriptive usage instructions, in the hope that it
might be useful for people who aren't me.


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