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RE: Version failures creating a package with mh_make on Sid

> On 28.11.2016 00:04, Ingo Bauersachs wrote:
>> Hey all
>> I'm trying to package dnssecjava (ITP 845371). I used mh_make on Jessie to
>> do this and succeeded to upload a version to mentors. Emmanuel asked me to
>> do the packaging on Sid instead, where I'm now failing.
>> What I did so far:
>> - apt install'ed maven-debian-helper and the required (Maven-)dependencies
>> - Cloned my repo
>> - Created a debian/sid branch based off the dnssecjava-1.1.3 tag
>> - Run mh_make
>> Now mh_make complains that it can't find
>> org.apache.felix:maven-bundle-plugin:2.3.7. So far this makes sense,
>> because Sid comes with version 2.5.4 of this plugin. Removing the
>> version tag entirely (as you could with Maven 2) is apparently no
>> longer a possibility and leads to this error:
> mh_make is sometimes a little bit stubborn. Did you install
> libmaven-bundle-plugin-java on your system?

Yes, and the files are properly installed under /usr/share/maven-repo/org/apache/felix/maven-bundle-plugin/2.5.4.

> Make sure that it is listed
> as a build-dependency in debian/control.

mh_make is supposed to create debian/control file for me, it doesn't exist yet.

> maven-debian-helper
> automatically replaces the 2.3.7 version number to the versionless
> "debian" which we use to ease package upgrades.

The maven-bundle-plugin doesn't have a symbolic "debian" version, see bug 721474.

>>> Unresolveable build extension: Error resolving version for plugin
>> 'org.apache.felix:maven-bundle-plugin'
>> Updating the plugin version in the pom.xml to 2.5.4 succeeds for the
>> bundle-plugin, but leads to the next error:
>>> Error resolving version for plugin
>> 'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-resources-plugin'
>> The resources plugin is not something I reference from my own pom. Both
>> plugins are present at /usr/share/maven-repo. What am I missing here?
> If you don't need maven-bundle-plugin you can ignore it with a
> substitution rule in debian/maven.ignoreRules like

Removing this plugin would remove required OSGi metadata. This is not an option.

> org.apache.maven.plugins maven-bundle-plugin * * * *
> However I think libmaven-bundle-plugin-java is probably missing in
> debian/control.

There is no debian/control yet, and even if I specify the exact 2.5.4 version for maven-bundle-plugin, Maven just continues complaining with other plugins.

> Regards,
> Markus


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