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Re: RFS: stegosuite/0.7.2-1 [ITP]

On 03.06.2016 19:24, Tobias wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> thanks a lot for your effort.

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your contribution. I have uploaded stegosuite to unstable and
it is now awaiting approval from Debian's ftp team.

I've made some small changes and you can view them here:


Please remember to remove the debian directory from your original
tarball next time because both should be separated from each other. I'd
suggest to follow the git-buildpackage pattern with three branches
master, upstream and pristine-tar. There are several guides about gbp
available on the internet, e.g.


Please request to join the Java team on Alioth.


(bottom right, request to join)

Next time you can prepare your updates in Debian's Git repository. A
typical workflow would be to import your next upstream release for
instance with

gbp import-orig stegosuite_0.7.3.orig.tar.gz

Then do your Debian specific changes on master, build the package and
ask for sponsorship on debian-java again.



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