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Re: Dependencies packaged without POMs

Le 11/05/2016 à 00:34, Christopher Hoskin a écrit :

> How should Maven projects which reference such dependencies be packaged?
> According to the spec [0], <scope> and <systempath> should be used to
> reference such jars. But this appears not to work in practice ([1]).

Actually you can use <systemPath> with maven-debian-helper, it's just
the package generator mh_make that doesn't support it. To deal with such
a dependency you have to:
1. ignore it during the mh_make process
2. re-enable it by editing the generated debian/maven.ignoreRules file
3. patch the pom to set the <systempath>

However this is really a last resort solution, it's preferable to modify
the package and install the Maven artifacts.

Emmanuel Bourg

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