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Re: Making OpenJDK 7 the default in Wheezy-LTS

Hi tony,

Am 26.03.2016 um 18:05 schrieb tony mancill:
> Hello Markus,
> On 03/24/2016 12:03 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> Is there a way to change the preferred Java environment to OpenJDK 7
>> with update-alternatives, assumed OpenJDK 6 was installed before? Is
>> this a good idea or should we just warn users about the fact that they
>> use an unsupported Java version on their system and recommend to do the
>> switch manually?
> Since things could potentially break, or the user might have already
> performed some custom configuration, I think warning the user via a new
> NEWS entry (see [1]) in java-common is appropriate.  Then the user can
> take the necessary/desired action.

That's a good suggestion. I think a forced change to OpenJDK 7 is out of
the question. After the default has been switched to OpenJDK 7, manual
interaction will be required by the users with update-alternatives. That
should raise their awareness for the change and give them the freedom to
switch when they feel comfortable with it.

We will also announce those changes via the debian-security-announce and
debian-lts-announce mailing lists which will contain links to


This site will document all important issues to be aware of for Wheezy
LTS. There will also be another NEWS on debian.org too.

>> Otherwise I have identified four packages that strictly depend on
>> openjdk-6-jdk and fourteen packages that depend on openjdk-6-jre without
>> a good alternative. My intention is to switch the dependencies to
>> something like default-jre | java6-runtime or default-jdk | java6-sdk.
>> The change is trivial, I was just wondering why so many packages were in
>> this state back then.
> I recall there being some confusion (perhaps also perpetrated or
> propagated by me) as to the Right Way of specifying a java runtime
> dependency.  We could (and probably should) add a lintian warning about
> such strict dependencies.
>> Any suggestions what should be avoided or done when switching the
>> default to OpenJDK 7 in Wheezy?
> I believe you are forging a new trail here.  Thank you for investing in
> LTS support.

I got some feedback from Emmanuel on IRC and he voiced some concerns
about the switch to OpenJDK 7 because web applications might behave
differently. This site lists all those possible compatibility issues. [1]

This is mainly an issue with web servers like Tomcat. However after
checking the dependencies again, it appears that Tomcat 6 / 7 already
depend on default-jre-headless | java6-runtime-headless. Even if we
switched the default to OpenJDK 7, the dependencies would be satisfied
and OpenJDK 7 would not be pulled in except if specifically requested.

Emmanuel, could you outline again what needs to be done to address your
concerns? As far as dependencies goes this looks sane to me.



[1] http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/compatibility-417013.html

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