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Making OpenJDK 7 the default in Wheezy-LTS

Hi all,

Wheezy-LTS is going to start next month and there is the intention to
switch the default-jre|jdk from OpenJDK 6 to OpenJDK 7 because the
latter can be supported until Wheezy reaches EOL in 2018-05-31.

I've pushed a new branch wheezy-lts to java-common with the necessary
changes in debian/rules.


Can someone confirm that this is really sufficient to switch the default
to OpenJDK 7?

Is there a way to change the preferred Java environment to OpenJDK 7
with update-alternatives, assumed OpenJDK 6 was installed before? Is
this a good idea or should we just warn users about the fact that they
use an unsupported Java version on their system and recommend to do the
switch manually?

Otherwise I have identified four packages that strictly depend on
openjdk-6-jdk and fourteen packages that depend on openjdk-6-jre without
a good alternative. My intention is to switch the dependencies to
something like default-jre | java6-runtime or default-jdk | java6-sdk.
The change is trivial, I was just wondering why so many packages were in
this state back then.

Any suggestions what should be avoided or done when switching the
default to OpenJDK 7 in Wheezy?



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