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Re: maven-debian-helper=2.0~exp2 rebuild

Le 2/12/2015 22:54, Andrew Schurman a écrit :

> But defining a dependency on the maven-bundle-plugin makes more sense to me.

I've eventually changed the dependencies of the maven-bundle-plugin package.

I've been testing maven-debian-helper 2.0 on my uploads for the last 3
weeks and I'm quite satisfied with the results. In some cases it even
worked better than maven-debian-helper 1.x with Maven 2
(maven-bundle-plugin/2.5.4-1 failed to build with Maven 2 for example).

At this point I'm confident that we can now switch to Maven 3 to build
our packages. The main issues identified by Chris have been fixed, and
the remaining ones should be easily fixed by updating the package affected.

Emmanuel Bourg

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