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Re: maven-debian-helper=2.0~exp2 rebuild

Le 2/12/2015 09:25, Andrew Schurman a écrit :

> The bundle type provided by the maven-bundle-plugin defines the install
> phase with a versionless maven-install-plugin goal.

Interesting, thank you for pointing this.

> I think this comes back to our conversation about Maven 3 searching for
> that metadata file unless a version is explicit specified.

So if I understand well:

1. the plugin defines the sequence of goals executed for each phase. The
goals are specified with groupId:artifactId:goal(:version)?

2. if the version of a goal is specified, Maven doesn't check if the
plugin is installed until the actual execution of the phase.

3. if the version of a goal isn't specified, Maven attempts to resolve
the version by reading the metadata file in the local repository. This
happens during the initialization of the plugin, even if the phase isn't
executed. Failing to resolve the version triggers an error.

Is this correct?

In this case generating the metadata automatically doesn't help, because
for now it covers only the plugins already installed. We would need
metadata for plugins not installed to work around this issue.

> Looking at maven-bundle-plugin:2.4.0, none of the goals specify a
> version (the default ones defined in maven-core do). Curious that the
> install plugin is the only one complaining...

Actually I noticed similar errors with the deploy plugin, I guess it
came from the bundle plugin as well since it declares:


I added a dependency on maven-deploy-plugin to work around this issue.

> If we can get away with just installing the plugin rather than
> generating metadata, so much the better. Just keep this in mind as you
> may run into it again for another project type.

At this point I'm wondering if I should move the dependency on the
install plugin from maven-debian-helper to the bundle plugin. That would
be a more accurate dependency chain, but on the other hand the install
plugin is often used, so having it by default with maven-debian-helper
is maybe a good thing.

Emmanuel Bourg

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