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Re: Best/recommended way to search if a Java library or class is packaged

Hi Emmanuel,

On 12/3/15, Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org> wrote:
> Le 3/12/2015 19:16, Miguel Landaeta a écrit :
>> Since jar-content.txt Torsten's file is not being updated since a long
>> time, I was wondering what's the current recommended way to quickly
>> check if a Java library is packaged in Debian.
> Maybe we could revive this tool. If the source is available somewhere I
> can host the service on my server.

If you want to host service for searching for classes (and other
things) then the following project may be interesting for you:


It is a web application where you can search for classes and manifest
headers of all JARs in particular OS version. There are plans to
extend it with other capabilities, such as searching for other things
(eg. pom.xml and pom.properties embedded in JARs) and analysing
dependencies between JAR files and distro packages.

Currently only rpm packages are supported, but it should be fairly
easy to add support for deb. It should even be possible to have a
single instance where you would be able to search in various deb- and
rpm-based distros.


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