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Re: Jessie release notes for the Java packages

On 22.04.2015 23:22, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Le 22/04/2015 22:26, Markus Koschany a écrit :
> Looks good to me, minus the mention of JBoss (it never worked and was
> never used according to its popcon, so it's not worth mentioning).

Ok, I removed the line about JBoss. My proposed patch for the
release-notes is attached to this e-mail. If there are no further
objections, I'm going ahead and file the bug report this evening.

> I don't know if we can still change the release notes, but if it doesn't
> work I think we could post a "Bits from the Java Team" message on
> debian-devel-announce and give more news about the team (new members,
> current packaging efforts, Java 8 transition, etc).

That's a good idea. However I think that the release-notes and
debian-devel-announce try to reach different audiences. The release
notes are aimed at casual users who would like to learn more about
Jessie whereas dda is for Debian contributors who already know their way
around. Both channels are important.


--- whats-new.dbk	2015-04-23 13:08:36.656085036 +0200
+++ whats-new.dbk.new	2015-04-23 13:43:55.670171020 +0200
@@ -563,5 +563,35 @@
     homepage</ulink> for more information.
+<section id="debian-java">
+    <title>News from the Debian Java Team</title>
+    <para>Jessie ships with 799 source packages (442 updated, +130 new ones since
+    Wheezy) which will be maintained by the <ulink
+    url="https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org";>
+    Java Team</ulink>. Notable changes:
+    <itemizedlist>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>OpenJDK 7 is the new supported default Java runtime.</para>
+        </listitem>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>OpenJDK 8 will be available from jessie-backports.</para>
+        </listitem>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 8 are supported and Tomcat 6 was removed.</para>
+        </listitem>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>New developer tools including VisualVM, the Dynamic Code Evolution VM
+             (openjdk-7-jre-dcevm), Gradle, eclipse-wtp-webtools, closure-compiler and more.
+            </para>
+        </listitem>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>Inclusion of <ulink
+                    url="https://packages.debian.org/source/jessie/androidsdk-tools";>
+                    androidsdk-tools</ulink>
+            </para>
+        </listitem>
+    </itemizedlist>
+    </para>

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