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Re: Jessie release notes for the Java packages

On 07.04.2015 09:37, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi all,
> Jessie is about to be released and I think it would be nice to have a
> word about the Java packages in the release notes.


I volunteer for filing a bug report against release-notes. We just have
to agree on the text (native speakers, please step forward :)):


News from the Debian Java Team

Jessie ships with 799 source packages (updated 442 [1], new +130 since
Wheezy) which will be maintained by the Java Team. Noteable changes:
 * OpenJDK 7 is the new supported default Java runtime.
 * OpenJDK 8 will be available from jessie-backports.
 * Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 8 are supported and Tomcat 6 was removed.
 * New developer tools including VisualVM, the Dynamic Code Evolution
   VM (openjdk-7-jre-dcevm), Gradle, eclipse-wtp-webtools and more.
 * Inclusion of androidsdk-tools (link:
 * Removal of JBoss.

[1] I counted all cyan (same version as in stable) and green (same
version in oldstable and stable) packages from [2] and subtracted the
number from 799 minus all new packages.


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