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Re: Proposal to do regular jenkins updates via jessie-updates (Was: Re: Removing Jenkins from Jessie)


On Mittwoch, 8. April 2015, Niels Thykier wrote:
>  * There are several jenkins-* packages that will (presumably) need to
>    be updated as often as Jenkins itself.

I wondered which packages were "jenkins*" and figured it out with the help 
from Adam:

holger@coccia:~$ dak rm -Rn jenkins
Will remove the following packages from unstabl

   jenkins |  1.565.3-3 | source, all
jenkins-cli |  1.565.3-3 | all
jenkins-common |  1.565.3-3 | all
jenkins-external-job-monitor |  1.565.3-3 | all
jenkins-slave |  1.565.3-3 | all
jenkins-tomcat |  1.565.3-3 | all
libjenkins-java |  1.565.3-3 | all
libjenkins-plugin-parent-java |  1.565.3-3 | al

Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers <pkg-java-m

------------------- Reason -------------------


Checking reverse dependencies...
# Broken Build-Depends:
jenkins-ant-plugin: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-antisamy-markup-formatter-plugin: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-instance-identity: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-mailer-plugin: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-matrix-auth-plugin: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-matrix-project-plugin: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java
jenkins-ssh-cli-auth: libjenkins-plugin-parent-java

Dependency problem found.

	Holger, wo is used to install jenkins from upstream but likes 
		installing jenkins-job-builder from main and hopefully soon
		jenkins-debian-glue packages too...

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